The topic is divided into the following subtopics:
  • Angles, arcs and sectors
  • Sine, cosine, tangent and cotangent
  • Trigonometric equations and inequalities

Angles, arcs and sectors

Part I:
  • Conversions of degrees to radians and vice versa
  • Coterminal angles, coterminal angles between 0 and 360 degrees.
  • Correspondence between angles and quadrants
  • Adding and subtracting angles
Part II:
  • Angles specified by given conditions – arithmetic mean, enumeration, …
  • Computational problems involving clocks, calculation of marching angle (azimuth)
  • Coterminal angles – complex problems
Part III:

Sine, cosine, tangent and cotangent

Part I:
  • Trigonometric ratios of standard angles
Part II:
  • Properties of trigonometric functions – parity, periodicity, boundedness
  • Domains and ranges
  • Graphs of trigonometric functions
  • Sine and cosine relationships
Part III:
  • Simplifying expressions with trigonometric functions - use of trigonometric identities
  • Domains of trigonometric expressions
  • Trigonometric functions with absolute value

Trigonometric equations and inequalities

Part I:
  • Basic trigonometric equations
  • Using substitution for solving trigonometric equations
  • Using basic identities for solving trigonometric equations
Part II:
  • Basic trigonometric inequalities
Part III:
  • More complex trigonometric equations and inequalities (use of trigonometric identities, exponentiation, …)
  • Trigonometric equations and inequalities with absolute value