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New Math4Teacher app fully replaces the old app and offers many new functionalities and features. In addition to tests and interactive tests in PDF format, you can also create a test in HTML format. In the app, a unique access code will be generated for such a test and students will be able to access the test through the Test4U app by entering this access code. The test results of students will then be uploaded to your account. In that way, you get instant feedback – each student’s results and all students' answers to individual questions.

Another great app accessory is the ability to generate two variants of tests, two variants of interactive tests, or two variants of HTML tests. The database newly includes so-called twin questions, from which variant outputs are automatically generated. You simply select the questions for variant A and automatically get also variant B. The latter will contain very similar questions of the same difficulty.

Browsing the database also brings many new options. You can sort the questions at your discretion and store them in up to ten "folders of favorites" by your preferences (homework, seminars, easy, difficult, fun, competition,...).


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The original Math4Teacher, which is also used to create a written test and interactive test but only in PDF format, will be functional until at least June 2024.