Part I:
  • Combinatorial product rule and sum rule
  • Arrangements without repetition / k-permutations without repetition
  • Arrangements with repetition / k-permutations with repetition
  • Permutations without repetition
  • Permutations with repetition
  • Selections without repetition / k-combinations without repetition
Part II:
  • Simplifying expressions with factorials and binomial coefficients
  • Combinatorial equations
Part III:
  • Selections with repetition/ k-combinations with repetition
  • Combinatorial inequalities
  • Binomial theorem


Part I:
  • Classical probability definition
Part II:
  • Geometrical probability
  • Probability of complementary event
  • Probability of union of events
  • Probability of intersection of independent events
Part III:
  • Binomial distribution (Bernoulli scheme)
  • Conditional probability


Part I:
  • Measures of location (mean, median, mode)
  • Arithmetic, geometric and harmonic mean
Part II:
  • Measures of variability (variance, standard deviation, coefficient of variation)
Part III:
  • Summary statistics
  • Correlation coefficient