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How quickly to set up an interactive test or written exam?

Choose problems from a database of 5,900 questions, put them into the basket and you are ready.

With a top-quality composition of mathematics, in a PDF format. Immediate and for free.

A different test for every school, class or student.

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You want to captivate your students but also to teach them something at the same time. But how to do it, when your students are constantly becoming more demanding and time is less and less?

Try to enliven your lessons with interactive tests and by putting in some new, well-worn problems. We have prepared for you 5,900 questions from all secondary school mathematics. Choose the questions which you like and either set up an interactive test (PDF) and enter written exams in an A4 format determined to be printed (PDF) The test composition, meaning the selection of questions, is only up to you.

We can slowly go through points and vectors. Drawing images on a board takes up a lot of time.

In the Analytic geometry in a points and vectors part, you can find 81 problems:

Super. Can I use these problems? How?

Everything works as a shopping cart does, but it is free. Put the problems into the cart that you like and choose the type of output.

What are the types of results?

You have a choice of three possibilities - an interactive test with mixed-up answers, an interactive test with no mixing up or a written test determined to be printed. The mixing-up means that with each new opening of a file with the same test the answers are randomly mixed up. Look at the examples:



You can use the PDF interactive test directly for practice during the lesson. It is ideal to have an interactive board, but a projector and screen are enough. Or just enter and project the problems and calculate them together on the board. You do not have to dictate and draw complicated images. The test contains an automatic evaluation of questions, evaluation commentary and pleasant graphs. Another possibility is to post the test on one´s own web pages or to send it to students.

How to get one´s own test or written exam?

You can have your own account on the web, where you can download all the tests and exams you have created.

It looks nice. However, I have already seen a few interactive test collections on the internet. At first enthusiasm and then disappointment at the errors that were there. Who exactly created the problems and who checks them?

The problems were designed by secondary school teachers from Ostrava, Martin, Žilina, Námestovo, Lipnica Wielka and Valencia and checked by teachers from the Department of Applied Mathematics from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava, specifically Petra Vondráková, Martina Litschmannová, Petr Vodstrčil, Libor Šindel and Bohumil Krajc.
Every problem has been checked several times. The primary version for checking them was in the English language and then other language versions (Czech, Slovak, Polish, Spanish) were made. Despite all our efforts, it may happen that you will find a mistake.
We would be grateful to you if you have any doubts regarding the formulation of entries or the results and write to math4u@vsb.cz.