Practice games for classes

How to captivate a class and enliven lessons?

Put practice games into your lessons in a PDF format.

Choose from 152 prepared games.

For interactive boards, projections and work in computer labs.

What is it?

New fun practice materials - for students for home preparation, for teachers to put them in lessons.
It concerns simple, interactive PDF files, where a student looks for correct answers or a matching pair (for example, a function and a graph). Look at the examples:

The use for teachers?

A teacher can use these games directly to practice in lessons. The ideal is to have an interactive board, but a projector and screen are enough. A student or teacher identifies the correct answers and comments on the results.
When you finish you will see a word and graphic evaluation and the correction solution. Some games contain a secret answer that is revealed with the correct answers. The secret answer is the quote from a famous mathematician, philosopher or politician, whose portrait and interesting things from his/her life are available by clicking on his/her name.

It might be fun.

It is something different than chalk and a board or a pencil and notebook. Try to freshly practice new concepts and get feedback. Put joy and competitiveness into learning.