Help for the application Math4C

Math for Class (Math4C) is a library that contains more than 150 interactive games in PDF format. These games are designed to practice selected topics of Mathematics and among the games we recognize “table-selection games” or “matching games”. A teacher can use the games to practice with students in class the most conveniently on an interactive board or a projector with projection screen will suffice. The game proceeds so that a teacher and students discuss results and mark their answers. As the game is finished, correct solutions along with verbal and graphical feedback are displayed. Some of the games are complemented with a hidden text, which is revealed piece at a time as a question is answered correctly. This text usually is a quote by some famous mathematician, a philosopher or a politician. Interesting facts and notes from life of this scientist are then available by clicking the name. Now we explain how the library is to be worked with.

We start from the home page of the library Math4C. On the top of the page is an orange menu bar with labels “Topics” and “Help”. The workspace contains twelve tiles directing to available topics.

Suppose we wish to choose an interactive game out of topic “Differential and integral calculus”. By clicking the corresponding tile, we list all the games available for the topic.

For instance, we want to run game “Volume of a Solid”. Each game is available in four languages (Czech, English, Polish, and Slovak). We open the English version by clicking the link “en”. For full functionality of the game, it is necessary to open the link in Adobe Reader.

At first, we see an introductory page of a matching game. Goal of the game is to pair given questions with offered answers correctly. Player marks a question and then selects an answer. As the pair question-answer is formed correctly a next piece of a hidden quote is uncovered. Penalty point is given when the player makes a mistake and the game continues.

Now we open game “Limits of Function from its Graph I” the English version again by clicking “en”.  We open the link in Adobe Reader.

Now we see an introductory page of a table-selection game. Goal in this game is to mark all correct answers. All questions and answer versions are organized in a table. The game is ended by clicking the button “FINISH”. Then the final score with verbal and graphical feedback is obtained. By clicking the “back arrow” we can go back and review the correct solutions.