Tests for students

Set up an on-line test from any secondary school mathematics curriculum.

We can practice wherever and whenever – with a computer, tablet or mobile.

Choose the curriculum and the number of problems and you can begin. You can immediately get an evaluation after clicking on the answers.

The application STUDENT works with a database of 5,900 questions from all secondary school mathematics.

Video tutorial


I´m studying at secondary school, math is quite fun for me, but it is too much. I don´t want to keep on calculating problems from textbooks or from worksheets. I am looking for something interesting even if it is repeating the things we took up last year. 

Our teacher has created written tests from this website. I want to look at the problems which could be on the tests.

We welcome you and on our on-line tests we offer 5,900 test questions from all secondary school math, an evaluation after every problem and you can choose what you want to practice.

I will try it, I need to practice functions with absolute values.

Click on the area Function. You will find there Linear functions, Quadratic functions, Rational functions, Functions with absolute values, Power and radical functions, etc. Choose Functions with absolute values, select the number of questions and the part.

What is the part?

Part A contains the curriculum, which schools usually begin with. In functions with absolute values there are problems for practicing linear functions with one absolute value. Part B contains a curriculum linked to functions with multiple absolute values and their properties. Part C contains a more complicated curriculum or a curriculum which is not dealt with at all schools, and thus for problem functions with absolute values in absolute values.



Good, I have chosen part A, 10 questions. What now?

Click on " Generate Test". Then it is up to you.

What about the evaluation?

It displays immediately how you answered. The answer in the green box is the correct one. You therefore see the answer for every question. You can quickly learn from your mistakes and answer future questions better.

Will it also work on a mobile?

For sure, on mobiles and on tablets. You can practice travelling on the bus or waiting in the queue for lunch.