Math Exercises for You

The project has two main goals: The first one aims to enhance mathematical competencies of students in secondary schools and in the latter years of primary school education by incorporating new, interesting and unconventional interactive exercises into mathematics. The second goal targets improving the English skills of teachers and pupils in mathematics by creating all project outcomes in the English language as well as versions in the local languages of project partners (Czech, Polish, Slovak).  

During the project, we are going to create a web portal for exercising the whole range of secondary school mathematical topics. This portal will consist of the following essential parts:

  • An online test generator for students – a student selects a topic, a subtopic and a difficulty level that he wishes to complete and the generator will deliver an interactive test according to their selection. The generator will provide tests for all common hardware platforms (computers, tablets and mobile phones) running the most popular operating systems.
  • A Web application for user defined tests – this tool is dedicated mainly for teachers to generate customized tests. The teacher will be able to select questions from the database and the application will generate interactive tests with instant evaluations and corrections automatically. This test can be used on an interactive whiteboard or computer. Another option is to generate a hard copy non-interactive test. 
  • 150 interactive training games – materials focused on the training of certain mathematical topics, e.g., expressions simplifying or training in the basic values of trigonometric functions.  

The test generator and the web application will use a database of 4,000 questions and exercises. All interactive HTML tests, interactive PDF tests and training games will have a unified user interface taking into account specifics of the target hardware platforms. After passing a test, the students will receive an immediate evaluation, score, success ratio and correct answers. Some tests will also contain help, e.g., definitions, or proper solution procedures. The tests will be accompanied by many figures with a goal to strengthen understanding of the geometric meanings of trained topics.

We will also focus on other activities such as:

  • Summer schools for students
  • Shadowing teachers of mathematics
  • English language training specific to mathematics
  • Pilot use of project outcomes. Materials will be tested and verified on a sample of 900 students.
  • Propagation and dissemination. We assume 35, 000 visitors of this newly created web portal during the project and even more after the end of the project. Google Analytics will be used as a measuring tool. 

Project coordinator

  • Department of Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, Czechia, (Contact person: Petr Beremlijski,


Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action Type: Strategic Partnerships for school education

Identifier: 2016-1-CZ01-KA201-023932

Start Date: 01-09-2016

End Date: 31-08-2019



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