The Best MOOC Platforms


While a certificate from a MOOC isn’t the same as a college degree, MOOCs are providing access to world-class education to anyone with an internet connection, which opens up a world of possibilities. For instance, a high school student can take a MOOC that allows them to determine which career path is right for them (before wasting time and money on a degree that they can’t or don’t want to use). Additionally, those who can’t afford to quit their job to go back to school to further or change their career path can take MOOCs in their free time.

MOOCs are provided on a number of platforms, but not all platforms are created equal. For instance, one of the platforms which was reviewed in this article gives you access to 52 MOOCs, while another has a robust selection of more than 3,000 MOOCs. Authors looked for the best MOOC platforms with the highest quality courses and teachers, the widest variety of available courses, and those that offer the most specializations.